Health Management And Prevention Of Lifestyle Diseases

Health Management And Prevention Of Lifestyle Diseases

Compared to what it was a few decades ago there is no doubt that there is increased awareness regarding health and physical fitness. This is because of our changes in lifestyle which has led many of us to become laid back and even turned quite a few of us into couch potatoes. While around fifty to sixty years back, good health was all about being reactive, today the focus is on being proactive or ensuring various preventive steps to keep our health in good condition. Hence it is quite common to come across various fitness regimens and programs which focus on prevention rather than fighting the diseases and conditions once they strike. Here are a few things if done regularly could help in better prevention of various lifestyle diseases.

Health Management And Prevention Of Lifestyle Diseases


The Importance Of Spreading Information And Knowledge Around

People need to be constantly reminded about the importance of preventive health maintenance. Hence if you are an employer who cares for your employees, you must regular up date them about the latest development in the health and fitness world. This will help the employees to be abreast of the latest situations and help in staying fit at all points of time. Constant reminder certainly works well.

Understanding The Importance Of The Food Pyramid

One of the biggest challenges facing many of us is indiscriminate eating. Our food habits have become skewed towards carbohydrates and saturated fatty acids. Hence when we talk about preventive health maintenance, we should make ourselves and other stakeholders aware about the food pyramid. Our food should be a good mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vegetables and minerals and of course fluids. Being in touch with health and fitness journals can certainly help in this endeavor.

Ways To Invest In Good Health

Ways To Invest In Good Health

The old adage Health Is Wealth is perhaps more relevant today than it was ever before. Therefore investing in health is perhaps the best thing one can think of. Being concerned about health and physical as well as mental well being could play a big role in keeping us alert, active and productive even once we are past our prime years. It would be wrong to believe that staying fit and in good health is about spending big money and burning a hole in your pocket. Here are a few important and useful tips which can help a person to stay in good shape physically and mentally.

Keep Exercise And Workout Accessories In Good Shape

While exercising and working out daily is extremely important, you should have the right accessories in place. Simple things like good pair of shoes, track suits, shorts and other such things must always be kept ready and in good condition. If you practice yoga and other freehand exercises, you must be sure that you should have a good mat always available.

Ways To Invest In Good Health



Be Careful About What You Eat

Indiscreet and unplanned eating habits are without any doubt one of the most important reasons for falling ill and becoming obese or overweight. Investing more in health food habits like vegetables, natural fiber, eggs, fruits and other such food items is a good investment towards optimal health and well being.

Use Natural Skin Care And Body Care Products

Staying away from synthetic and chemical based home and personal care products is one of the most important decisions which you can take to stay health and fit. These chemical based personal and home care products not only cause various types of illnesses and medical conditions but also damage the environment beyond repair.

Importance Of Sleep And Staying Hydrated

Adequate sleep and rest is extremely important. Any normal human being requires 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep to repair cells and tissues and nerves. Further, you should stay hydrated and understand the importance of drinking at least 7 to 8 glasses of water each day.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Green Tea

Top 5 Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is an ancient infusion with numerous properties that impact one’s health in a powerful and positive way. Its action is decisive due to the rich presence of polyphenols and antioxidants that help prevent various diseases.Let us discuss about the top 5 health benefits of green tea.

Weight Loss

Green tea helps you lose weight in a very organized and natural way. Millions around the world have adopted a diet that integrates green tea, and stand as a testament to its prowess. Researchers have written journals that confirm its ability to reduce fat accumulation in the liver and other vital organs. It is also a good thermogenic agent.

Increases Concentration

Since green tea has admissible amounts of caffeine in it; a steady consumption of it during your daily routine is bound to increase concentration and mental alertness.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Green Tea

green tea for weight loss

Prevents Cavity

Green tea is also great in preventing cavity. Recent research suggests that it is beneficial for teeth and gums in general. The leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant is directly responsible for the destruction of bacteria and plaque growth.

Prevents The Growth of Cancer Cells

It inhibits the growth of cancer cells and also kills them without harming healthy tissues. For those who are in the dark, not even chemotherapy can achieve such precision. In research facilities, green tea has been appeared to moderately or totally forestall disease advancement in the colon, liver, bosom and prostate cells.

Reduces Cholesterol

Effective in reducing the levels of cholesterol, green tea also thereby inhibits the clotting of blood. The latter has a greater importance if one considers that thrombosis is a major cause of heart attacks and strokes.

It is very evident from the above list that green tea is one of those irreplaceable, all encompassing remedies on the face of this earth. Its consumption is undoubtedly beneficial for one and all.

The Debate on Health Care Reforms in The United States

The Debate on Health Care Reforms in The United States

In the United States, the healthcare reform debate has been a political issue for many years. Focusing on insurance reforms, increasing coverage funding, government involvement and social burden of health care. When you compare health care in the United States and some other parts of the world, it would be a lie to say that we have the best healthcare system in the world as politicians like Bill Clinton and George Bush repeatedly uttered during their respective terms.

For example, there has been a high infant mortality rate in the US. It is compared to third world countries at 6.0 compared to countries like Denmark at 5.3, France 4.6, Japan 3.2 and in Sweden 3.4. Another measure is a comparison of cost and longevity. For example, Americans live an average of 77 years at an annual cost of $4,800, While Canada, Japan, and Spain respectively have a life span to cost ratio of 81.5 years at $2100, 81 years at $2,000 and 79 years at $1,100.

The Debate on Health Care Reforms in The United States



Therefore, we can see that people from some other parts of the world are getting better health care at a lower cost. This suggests that we pay more for inferior quality products and services.

Some healthcare problems in the US as pointed by many other experts include:

1. Unnecessary surgery

Doctors perform unnecessary surgeries on conditions that could be cured by only administering drugs.

2. Medical and Nursing Negligence

Nursing homes and hospitals are unsafe with negligence from doctors being the fifth largest cause of death in the US.

3. Bribe From Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical Companies pay bribes to physicians so that they can prescribe their overpriced toxic drugs with so many people falling prey to side effects.

Bottom Line

There are so many other forms of scams happening in our health care system. The perpetrators include pharmaceutical companies, Physicians, a group of politicians and the hospitals themselves. When we listen to our politicians who say that the medical condition is not all that bad and can be improved, we get a sense of health care system is not all that bad. On the contrary, when we visit the hospitals themselves we wake up into a new reality.

Health Insurance Individual Health Insurance Plan

Health Insurance: Individual Health Insurance Plan

Adulthood is all about making plans for your present and your future. And while you start planning on starting a family or buying your first car, you must not forget the chances of sudden expenditure that might fall on your shoulders if you don’t have a valid health insurance policy in your name. Sudden expenses like hospitalization or critical illness might shatter all your plans for the future. Without proper health insurance, hospital charges, and medical bills might leave you with nothing at the end of the day, and all your savings will go for a toss. Considering medical expenses will never get any lower, it is important that you need to put buying a health insurance policy as your priority. Going on a vacation can wait a month or two, but health insurance cannot.

You may believe that you are in the pink of your health, but sometimes sudden illness or accidents might shake your belief system. The advancement of technology in the medical field calls for the rise in expensive medical procedures and bills. Having a health insurance plan individually will cover these expenses if something unfortunate happens to you. It is wise to think of getting yourself the right health insurance plan especially if you’re an outdoorsman or a frequent traveler.

Health Insurance: Individual Health Insurance Plan


Your health will be a priority and will be attended to if you have a good health insurance plan. As said, medical treatment is not easy in the pocket and getting the best treatment possible should not be a compromise. There are many ways of getting health insurance individually where you could get refunded by the company that you’ve bought your health insurance policy from or if the health insurance company you’re dealing with has a cashless facility where all you have to do is present the slip directly to them is also a good option when it comes to paying the bills at the end of the day.

A health insurance plan can also act as an investment in your future, firstly because it will reduce your expenditure to a large amount and help you save for other things, and also it can give you a tax deduction. Make sure your health insurance company offers you a good policy.

Medical history of the individual, age, average age of your family, etc. is among a few factors that are considered for the cost of individual health insurance policies. Past claims by the person who is currently covered by insurance will also be considered. Thus, be aware of all the policy claims and rules when you’re buying a health insurance policy.